Family Photos


                                                   Pratap's Parents 
Bapuji                                                          Pratap's Birth place                                                                                                  Mityana   Uganda        Ba                         
Bapuji        Mityana Shop      Ba     
                                                  Jeannie's Parents
              J         J                                                    
                                                       Our Family 
 J Portrait 001        Family Photo 
 Pratap and Jeannie  at Mary and Dick's Diamond Wedding.                         Melissa Victoria ,  Magnus William,   Jeannie  and  Pratap on the terrace at Kindersley Way. And bonsai trees!  
 Melissa Victoria                                                                                                                                                 Magnus William (extreme right)    
Melissa F    Magnus CD1
 Impetus 1 Magnus CD2
1949                  Mityana  Uganda                                1947             Leven Scotland                                  1957         Cornwall  England                           1962                    Dundee Scotland
Pratap Child                        J1                          Cornwall 0                    Jeannie 0 
1958                                                                               Pratap in Cornwall                     1959                                                                                                     Pratap with friends in Cornwall 
Cornwall 7                Cornwall 1 
1960   St Andrews Scotland                                           1962  Summer Ball          St Andrews University                                        1964                                            St Andrews University
Pratap Perth                               Ball                              Pratap 0  
 Summer 1963          University Ball                                                                  Summer 1963                                                                                                                                 University Ball    
Ball 3                                                Ball4
                                1964                                                         Leven  Scotland                        1964                                                    Kampala Uganda
                                Sari Jeannie                        Pratap car                              
    9 March 1964                                              Leven   Scotland                           9 March 1966                                                                                          Leven   Scotland
   Wedding 2                   Wedding Group
 Happiest day!                                                               Dick, Auntie Meg, Ian, Mary, Jeannie's Dad, Malcolm, Audrey, Pratap, Jeannie, Isabel, Linda, Mum and Auntie Daisy outside Scoonie Kirk, Leven 1966, March 9th.
                                       1967                  Bristol University                                      1970                                                                  St Albans    England
                                       P&J Bristol                            J*M*M*D St Albans 
                               1974                                                                                         Halelwood School     Abbots Langley   Hertfordshire                                                     
                               Jannie school
1972                                                        Murchison Falls  Uganda     1972                                                      Jeannie in the Kampala Shop      Uganda
 P&J Uganda     Kampala Shop
                         1976                                              Jeannie with Melissa                             1976                                  Pratap with Melissa
                        Baby M & J                            Baby M & P
                                                     1977                                                              Melissa & Jeannie with Jeannie's Mum and Dad
                                                      M with M&D&J 
                  1979                               Abbots Langley                     1979                                                                                  Abbots Langley
                  J&Magnus                     Pratap Magnus
                  Magnus with Jeannie                                                        Magnus with Pratap                    
                                  1979                                         Digging a pond                                     1979                              In the Garden                     
                                  Pratap  Mel  Mag                                     Jeannie  Mel  Mag     
                                  Melissa and Magnus with Pratap                                                            Melissa and Magnus with Jeannie
        combo 5                 Combo 4                     Combo 6
               Combo 2                                            combo 7  
 In the garden at Kindersley Way.                                                                        Fancy Dress competition at primary school, Tanners Wood, Abbots Langly. Pirate Magnus!
                                                  comb0 9        combo 8
                                                  On Ben Lawers high above Loch Tay.                                Playing by the River Dee in Aberdeenshire.
                                                   combo 10     combo 12      combo 13
                                    A picnic day with our neighbours, Alan and Alan, and ther children, Adrian and Clive. 
Cornwall Years  1957-1960 

Cornwall 7               



Cornwall 2
Cornwall 3 
 Cornwall 4  
                          Cornwall 6 
St Andrews University - Undergraduate Years 
1964                                                                                              1964                          Project     Department Photo
Final Year  Project                                                                          Engineering                                                                                                                                            
Pirani 001            Jeannie Garden 2 001 (2)                   Ramesh 1     
 Featured in the novel Unsuitable Girl...before Pratap met the Unsuitable Girl! Charities Rag Week in St Andrews Uni, in Dundee, 1962.
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 Pratap, Arun, Kanti, Prakash, Rajni, Pramod in Shimoni,Kampala.                                                 Ranjan, Shobna, Usha with some friends.              
 brothers                                                      sisters 
family 1 001
  At Lake Victoria beach, with Kantibhai, Sumiben, Ranjanben, Ushaben, and cousins. Circa 1964-5




  family 2

Pratap with his new and first car! A Taunus.                         Pratap, Rananben and Kantibhai at Entebbe.